Frequently Asked Questions


Part of our fleet remains active, there may be restrictions in some areas affected by the coronavirus, even so, you can make your reservations online.

*To minimize the transmission of viruses in our offices we provide hygiene products and use Plexiglas counter displays between clients and employees.
*We use face masks and require clients to use them.
*We increased the frequency of cleaning the furniture and contact areas.
*We limit the number of people in the office (limited capacity)


In our vehicles:

Exterior cleaning: we wash the exterior of the vehicle

Interior cleaning:

  • remove trash and lost items
  • vacuum the interior area of the front seat
  • vacuum back seats
  • window interior cleaning
  • Steering wheel cleaning
  • Cleaning of the dashboard, handles, radio dials, cup holders, center consoles, door handles (interior and exterior).


1. Can I see the prices before booking the car?

Of course! Just fill in the dates and place where you want to rent your vehicle in the Reserve panel. You will find availability and prices immediately without commitment. If you agree with the price, you can continue with the booking.


2. Can I choose the brand or model of my car?

You will be able to choose the vehicle category which guarantees certain characteristics (ex: standard, 5 seats, 3 doors) but in each category, there are various models and we are NOT able to guarantee you will receive a determined model. If we have the model available on your pick-up date we will be happy to give it to you. If the requested category is not available, we will give you a superior category at no extra charge. Model, fuel, and car color will depend on the cars available in our office on the pick-up date.


3. Do I need a credit card to make my booking?

You can book your car without giving your credit card details but when you receive your car you must pay with a credit card in the name of one of the drivers on the rental agreement. And in case of making a reservation with a % deposit, you will need a credit card.


4. How can I cancel my reservation?

In the section MY BOOKING enter the information required and you will be able to cancel, include or amend your flight number or add an extra. For all other amendments please send us an email through the section CONTACT US. Remember to indicate your booking number and the amendment you wish to make.


5. I have not received confirmation, what should I do?

As soon as you finalize your booking you will receive a confirmation voucher from us with your reference number. Also, you will receive the voucher at the given email address.

If you do not receive our email, first of all check that your email address is correctly written. If it is, it may be that it has been blocked by the Anti-SPAM filter so we advise you to check your “Unwanted mail” and make sure any emails from are not blocked and able to enter into your “Inbox”. If this is not the case send us an email or call us on +34 607334444 as soon as possible and we will send it to you.


6. How can I include an extra in my reservation (e.g. baby seat)?

If you need to include a baby seat or booster, go to booking enter the information asked and you will be able to add an extra.


7. Can you deliver/pick up the car to/from my Airport?

Yes, the price of this service is 30€ and it is available for rentals longer than 5 days. Upon arrival, you must go to Parking Building third floor.


8. Which documents do I need to receive my car?

Please bring your passport or ID card, driver’s license, and credit card. If there are additional drivers, passport or ID card, and driver’s license.


9. What happens if my flight arrives late at night or delayed?

We will be waiting for you. For bookings between 21:00 – 08:00hs, there is an extra “out of hours” charge of 30€. For arrivals after 21:00hs please call +34 607 33 44 44 .


10. Do I have to install accessories such as baby seats?

We ask for clients to install any extras (e.g. baby seat) as required by our insurance company. In the case of any problems resulting from the incorrect installation of these accessories, the insurance company will not be held responsible.


11. Can you deliver/pick up the car to/from my hotel?

This service is free for bookings 15 days or more. You must specify your hotel name at the moment you make the booking or it will be impossible for us to deliver the car. This service is not available for 1-2 days rentals.


12. What is your fuel policy?

RETURN THE SAME. If you return the car with a higher percentage of gasoline, No money refunds will be made for fuel.


13. What is ‘Pay later’?
pay later reservation does not require full payment until the rental commences and can be amended without a carge.

14. What is ‘pay now’?
A prepaid rate of up to 20% of the total amount, wich requires confirmation. And the cancelation carries a cost that you can consult in our Terms and Conditions

15. Can I be guaranteed a price after a quote has been given?
No, because our quotes/rates/prices vary throughout the day, depending on the availability of our fleet.

16. How often do the rates change?
rates can change at any time and/or date, depending upon vehicle availability.

17. Can the price of my rental change after my reservation booking has been confirmed?
No, once you have confirmed your reservation booking, the price will not change unless the booking es amended.


18. Can I pay in cash or a debit card?

We ask payment to be made with Credit Card in the name of the driver on the Rental Agreement.


19. Can payment be made by a credit card holder who is not the driver?

No. You may pay with a credit card holder who is not named on the reservation as long as they appear as a driver on the Rental Agreement, this way complying with all requirements. You may indicate any additional driver when picking up the vehicle.

20. When is the rental paid?
Payment of the total rental is made at the counter when picking up the rental car. As a guarantee, a deposit will be retained and will be returned after the vehicle has been returned. When paying by credit card, the deposit amount will only be blocked on your card.


21. How much is the deposit to pay?
regardless of the type of payment used, the required deposit will be:

  • economy cars 150,00€
  • convertibles car 200,00€


22. What type of insurance is included in the price?

If you book through our web page the price includes the rental and CDW insurance (third party obligatory) and SCDW. SCDW is a type of insurance that covers damages but remember this is not “full-risk” insurance and there are some exclusions:

Lost or stolen keys
Damage caused to the underside or roof of the vehicle/convertible
Damage caused to the axle or wheel rim
Towing service costs if at fault
Damage caused to radio
Filling up with the wrong type of fuel
Damage caused to windscreen or window
Damage caused to locks
Damage caused to upholstery or extreme dirtiness
Damage to tires or punctures
Theft or loss of any car parts
Wrong use of the clutch
Damage caused by reckless/negligent driving or serious or very serious infringement
Damage caused under the influence of alcohol or drugs
Failure to comply with contract conditions (e.g. not stated in the accident report that is supplied with our rental agreement).
Even though we will not ask for an excess deposit, please keep in mind there are a few exceptions that are not included and you will be charged for this possible damage:


23. Can I purchase additional insurance which covers excluded items?

Yes. If you wish, you may purchase one of our optional types of insurance when making your reservation or upon collection of your vehicle. SEE INSURANCE


24. What is and is not included in the booked price?

If you book through our web page, the price includes rental, CDW, and SCDW insurance (see question nº 15: What is NOT covered by the insurance included in the price?) VAT and unlimited mileage. Not included: fuel, fines, or towing service in case of an accident when the driver is at fault


25. Are there age restrictions for renting a car?
For economy categories, the minimum age is 23 and a valid 1-year driver’s license is required. For all other categories, the minimum age is 25 and a valid 2-year driver’s license is required. The maximum age permitted is 70.


26. Can I return the car to a different office than I received it?
Yes, the cost of this service is 35€. Free for rentals 5 or more days.


27. Can I take the car off the islands?
No, you are not allowed, not even within islands as you are not covered by our insurance.


28. Who can drive the car?
Only those who have been added as drivers on the signed rental agreement as main or additional drivers.


29. How do the 1-grace hours work?
The grace margin does NOT mean you can drop off your vehicle one hour after you said you were going to return it when you booked the rental. This one-hour grace margin has to do with the daily rate of your rental, as well as the grace time you get when you choose your return time in the booking checkout process before you get charged an extra rental day.

Nonetheless, this grace margin only applies to the very moment when you book the vehicle, which is the very moment when you decide the drop-off time. Once you have determined the drop-off time, you will have to return the vehicle before your rental agreement expires; otherwise, you will incur a breach of contract.

The customer is charged originally for one rental day. Since the customer ends up returning the vehicles later than stated in the rental agreement, he/she is charged a late return fee; although he/she is not charged for an extra rental day since the actual drop-off time is within the one-grace hour. Please note that at this time the customer illegally drives the vehicle since the rental agreement expired. This situation in itself can cause legal problems for the client since he/she is driving without any insurance or coverage. Therefore, this is a question of legality more than our company trying to make things difficult.


30. What is the policy of Falcò rent with regards to the lost and found objects?

Falcò rent is not responsible for the loss of or damage to any personal belongings left inside the vehicle during or after the rental period. The contract holder is solely responsible for this property.


31. What should I do if I have left behind a personal item?

In the event a customer claims to have left an item behind in our vehicles, he/she must send us an e-mail at Please, do take into account that you need to include an item description, rental agreement number, and rental dates.


32. How can I get my item back?

There are three different options to get your item back:

You may go back to the office to get the item back, you can send another person (family member, friend, etc) to get the item back or you can organize the item shipment through a courier.


The conditions on this page are provided for illustrative purposes and do not have to correspond to the conditions currently in force. For this reason, always check the current conditions in our Terms and Conditions

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