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    *The minimum age to rent a vehicle is 25 years old. You can find information in the FAQ section. Read our terms & conditions.

    Save the environment.
    Reduces your carbon footprint.
    Save your money.

    Simple tips to be responsible with the environment on trips:
    ● Choose hotels or houses run by local families, to soak up the local culture and heritage. Or you can choose to use rural accommodation, committed to the environment.
    ● Buy reusable water bottles. It will help the environment by avoiding the purchase of plastic water bottles. And you will save money!
    ● Visit local markets where you vacation and talk to local farmers about what is grown there. Choose to consume locally grown seasonal foods.
    ● Respect the cultural heritage and protected areas of the destinations you visit. Remember not to be invasive with the environment and collect all your waste before leaving the place, to keep the space clean and reduce fire risks.
    ● Turn off lights and air conditioning when you leave your hotel room or holiday home.
    ● Recycle.
    ● Reuse towels.
    ● Take shorter showers.
    ● Drive smoothly and avoid sudden starts and stops, it is preferable to maintain a uniform and relatively low speed. Limit air conditioning to a minimum to reduce fuel consumption and make stops to eat at local restaurants or in the countryside.

    Where's the bird? Here's the bird.

    Share a pic of yourself posing with your Falcò rental car, tag it #thebirdtrip and you could win a discount.